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WTF Friday: Mmmm…Bacon!

Today the “W” stands for “Why”……so WTF hasn’t anyone sent me any samples of this alleged bacon-flavored seaweed?!!! No one loves bacon more than me (said every bacon lover ever), so Diva should definitely be the first one to approve this possible gamechanger. I know, I know – bacon (or any meat for that matter) isn’t the most environmentally friendly food, but I have long since made my peace with that. I can eat bacon with a clear conscience because I use BNG offset credits from my other good green deeds. If you want some BNG credits, holla at me.

The team that discovered this possible miracle claims it tastes like straight up, legit bacon. I’ve heard it all before with that turkey bacon crap, but this might finally be the eco-friendly answer to getting the pig off my back. Nah…who am I kidding? I got 99 problems and bacon ain’t one. Bacon – I can’t quit you.



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