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WTF Friday: Mmmm…Bacon!

Today the “W” stands for “Why”……so WTF hasn’t anyone sent me any samples of this alleged bacon-flavored seaweed?!!! No one loves bacon more than me (said every bacon lover ever), so Diva should definitely be the first one to approve this possible gamechanger. I know, I know – bacon (or any meat for that matter) …

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WTF Friday: Still Clueless After All These Years

We at BNG owe you an apology. We’ve made Raven Symoné a WTF Friday staple because she says so much dumb shit. But that has kept us from highlighting Raven’s soul sister Stacey Dash who deserves at least as much attention. That is our bad and we are rectifying it today. So…Stacey Dash: WTF is …

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WTF Friday: Don’t Get It Twisted Baltimore

Hogan doesn’t want Baltimore to get it twisted. Like, not even a little bit: He. Does. Not. Give. A. Shit. He said no to the Red Line, no to jobs, no to opportunities, no to access, no to safety, no to $900M…just no. Baltimore is one of the poorest cities in America, nestled inside of …