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WTF Friday: Still Clueless After All These Years

We at BNG owe you an apology. We’ve made Raven Symoné a WTF Friday staple because she says so much dumb shit. But that has kept us from highlighting Raven’s soul sister Stacey Dash who deserves at least as much attention. That is our bad and we are rectifying it today. So…Stacey Dash: WTF is …

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WTF Friday: Donald Trump

We were gonna go with That’s So Toucan for this WTF Friday (not because she defended WhatARod-ner’s dis of Michelle Obama, but because her vocab sucks. Yes honey, it was “racist-like”.), but instead we have to give it to Donald Trump and his possible bid for President. The only possible benefit would be that the Celebrity …

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WTF Friday: Don’t Be Dissin’ My FLOTUS!

Univision host Rodner “That’s Not a Typo That’s My Name” Figueroa said Michelle Obama looks like Planet of the Apes. I am as beauty and fashion-obsessed as the next Diva (because, hello – America), but seriously – the woman champions access to healthy food, LGBT rights, fights for military families and the poor and against child obesity …