Eaddy Made provides digital styling for the audacious, the fearless, and the bold!



Do you struggle to find the right words, the right tone, or even the right idea? I can help! Writing is my first love and we’re still together after all these years! Whether you need original content created or simply an eagle eye to perfect what you already have,  I am the perfect person to help lovingly craft your message.


Do you want to increase brand awareness? Increase sales? Create a loyal fanbase? You need a plan and I love to organize! Whatever your goals, I can help you get there. I will create a social media calendar, create and style your content, determine metrics for success, and track your social media reach.


Hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your application materials before putting you in the “yes” or “no” pile. I will make your resume, cover letter, and bio stand out with excellent word choice, spelling, and formatting, along with a tasteful use of color and innovative design. 


Think beyond your logo – your brand is so much more than that! I will help you present to the world who you are, what you stand for, and the user experience you deliver. We will partner to develop a consistent brand voice and achieve brand recognition by coordinating your presence across traditional and digital mediums. 


Whether it’s a single landing page, e-commerce, or an interactive multi-page site, I will style your digital presence and provide the functionality you need. My personal style trends toward bright colors and bold text. Not your bag? No problem! Your website should reflect you. That’s my specialty!


Let’s face it – it’s the 21st century and everyone is scrambling to make their mark in the digital marketplace. I love styling collateral for the digital space, but don’t sleep on the power of print! Print materials are critical to a comprehensive marketing strategy – let me help you harness the power of print!

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I'd love to help you with your digital styling needs!

Eaddy Made Inc. ensures that your hustle is recognized, that your vision is realized, and that your message is received.