You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now. This is a labor of love. You are working full-time at one or more jobs and still pursuing your passion project on the side. No one understands that more than I do.

You need support and you need to know someone believes in you and in your idea.

You need Eaddy Made.


After earning my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, I spent 16 years serving children and families in need. In 2014, I decided to step away from direct services and pursue a creative career path. There is a direct line between my counseling career and my digital styling business. I know how to interpret the needs of the people I work with and turn their inspiration into action.

You have a unique vision and even though you are an independent entrepreneur, you still need a network. A village. A tribe. 

I am passionate about helping others to reach their goals and I am the perfect person to add to your team. I am as invested in you realizing your vision as you are.


As you embark on your new venture, I know that you are susceptible to self-doubt, lack of support, and Imposter Syndrome. I face those obstacles with you. I am your cheerleader and hype gal.

Digital styling by Eaddy Made will achieve your goal of reaching your target audience. I will also reflect your capabilities and your expertise back to you to help you believe in yourself in times of doubt. 

I enjoy this process. I am proud of the outcome. And I’d love to work with you.


Click the below to briefly describe your project and how I can help. I’m looking forward to working with you!